Organic Argan Oil


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It's our organic wonder oil for your hair! Use this for shinier, stronger and thicker hair.

Rich in omega 9, omega 6 and sterols for exceptional hair-nourishing properties.

Cold-pressed organic oil made with a controlled extraction process, ensuring a high level of active ingredients.

✦ Nourishes, repairs and strengthens hair.

✦ Gives hair and nails a lustrous shine.

✦ No chemical solvents, artificial colors or preservatives.

✦ Extremely stringent quality inspection to ensure the highest quality.

Fair trade — EFT attested.

✦ 100% of total ingredients from natural origin, 99% of total ingredients from organic farming.


Usage and Tips:

As a daily conditioner/hair oil:

The nourishing and repairing benefits of Argan oil makes it an excellent candidate for daily conditioning of your hair. Just apply the amount you need to the ends of your hair and run your fingers through until all the oil is absorbed. This is really beneficial, especially for those with frizzy hair!

As a mask:

After cleansing with your favorite shampoo, apply all over your hair from root to tip and leave in as a hair mask. Rinse off or leave overnight as desired.

As a styling product:

Argan oil is a great, natural way to smooth your hair and tame flyaways! Simply smooth a tiny amount over the strands of your hair as needed.

As a heat protectant:

The natural nourishing benefits of Argan oil makes it a great way to protect your hair before blow-drying, flat-ironing or curling. Plus, Argan oil provides great slip for your hair which makes styling with heating tools easier. Simply apply a small amount to your hair before styling!

As a scalp treatment:

Perfect for those with dry scalp (those who have dandruff, take note!), Argan oil can be a natural way to give your scalp a well-deserved treatment. Argan oil can also help with inflammation and other scalp problems. Just apply to your scalp, leave in for a few minutes and rinse off.



Argania Spinosa Oil (Argan Oil)

✦ Nourishes and strengthens hair and nails.

✦ Beneficial for scalp healing.


Full Ingredient List 


Argania Spinosa Oil [Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil]*.  *Ingredient from Organic farming / Ingredient coming from fair trade (Morocco)