The Organic Starter Kit

The Organic Starter Kit

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Try our organic bestsellers with this online exclusive must-have kit for only $22 and experience healthier, more beautiful skin! 

This clean beauty set includes:

  • Rose Plumping Serum-lotion 28ml
  • Argan Oil 5ml
  • Floral Bouquet Detox Cleansing Jelly 1.5ml (2pcs)
  • Rose Floral Water 1.5ml (2pcs)

3 Steps to Improve your Skin's Health

Step 1: Restore your skin with Rose Plumping Serum-lotion 

After cleansing, restore your skin's natural hydration levels with our Rose Plumping Serum-lotion, filled with plant-derived micro hyaluronic acids. Better hydrated skin equals a better defense barrier!


Step 2: Strengthen your skin with Argan Oil

Give your skin all the essential vitamins and omegas it needs to be strong and healthy. With stronger and healthier skin, your skin will also be less sensitive over time!

Step 3: Boost your skincare absorption with Rose Floral Water

Before you treat your skin with other serums, spritz our Rose Floral Water on your face generously to help your other skincare absorb better! This means your existing skincare's effects are boosted to work even better for you.


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          Wonderful size

          Great and good for travel

          Review of Mini Best Sellers

          Great! I like the rose serum lotion. It is light and smell nice.

          Why choose Melvita?

          Certified Organic with no harmful chemicals

          All our products are free from synthetic chemicals and meet the strict standards of the Cosmebio charter. This means at least 95% of our product's total ingredients are natural and at least 10% are from organic farming.

          Natural Ingredients, Effective Formulas

          There's no need to choose between an effective product and an organic one! With 37 years of expertise, we carefully extract natural plant oils and floral waters to ensure their integrity and quality to keep your skin looking naturally beautiful. 

          Born in Ardeche, Made in France

          Melvita was born in the Ardèche – a unique region of France, whose spectacular natural beauty has remained protected from all pollution. Our products are now designed and made by our passionate teams, in Paris and the south of France.

          Melvita: Expert in Plant Oils

          Pure and 100% natural, our organic plant oils symbolize the very essence of natural beauty that comes from the heart of nature.

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