Rose: Organically Beautiful

We use a certified-organic Damask rose from Iran to make our floral water. Our rose floral water is 100% natural. 99% of the natural ingredients it contains come from organic farming. This makes its scent even more unique, and true to the fragrance of the dew-kissed flower.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

An organic rose, endemic to the region

Melvita sources its roses from the historic village of Jowsheghan, in the mountains of Iran. Here, some 150 small producers, organized into a cooperative, continue 2,000 years of history. Every day in May, the villagers gather at dawn to collect the roses from 40 hectares of certified-organic land.

They pick the freshly bloomed roses by hand, always taking the greatest care so as not to damage the flowers.

An exceptional scent

To maintain the freshness and scent of the roses, the flowers are taken to the distillery the day they are harvested. Our roses are carefully distilled, using a unique distillation process, to guarantee a high essential oil content. It takes one ton of flowers to produce one ton of floral water.  

All these steps give our floral water its unique and exceptional olfactory properties. Its fresh, delicate, feminine scent combines spicy hints of clove with the freshness of lemon and geranium and the subtle notes of rose.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

You won't be able to resist this cult product!

We've conducted 15 tests on our Rose Floral Water so we can guarantee a high-quality product that has a perfect affinity with the delicate skin of the face.  

How to use it?
✦ As a TONER, to prepare your skin for moisturizer.
✦ As a MIST, making it easier to apply one of our beauty oils afterwards.
✦ As a REFRESHING WATER, any time of the day, to prevent feelings of tightness.

Our Rose Floral Water is one of our favorite floral waters. Both hydrating and refreshing, it can be used by all skin types! Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily or mature, it feels revitalized and looks radiant again! 93%* of women said their skin was moisturized and 93%** said their skin was revitalized after one month of use.

* Consumer test on 29 women after 4 weeks
** Consumer test on 29 women immediately after application

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

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