10 Good Reasons to Choose Melvita!

The number 1 organic brand in France

As pioneers in organic beauty care in France, we are constantly finding new ways to offer you the very best of nature. And the reason we're still the number 1* brand is mostly thanks to YOU, because you believe in our expertise and our commitment to producing the highest-quality products. * in terms of reputation among consumers using organic products for less than two years.
Source: Cosmébio; study conducted by Bioalaune in 2015.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 2: organic products made in France

Melvita puts the French touch into organic beauty care! Just like conventional beauty brands, we focus on quality, expertise and aesthetics! *except BtoB L’OR BIO soap.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 3: Good for your skin, good for the planet!

All our star ingredients are naturally derived! We guarantee that the ingredients from our 20 traceable supply chains can be traced from the seed to the finished product. And, in accordance with the CosmeBio Charter, we do not use:

✦ certain preservatives, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone

✦ chemical sunscreens

✦ silicones

✦ mineral oils (vaseline, paraffin, etc.)

✦ aluminum salts

✦ synthetic colorants

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 4: Certified organic & environmentally responsible

Our organic formulas are certified by ECOCERT* and carry the COSMEBIO® label, which means:

✦ at least 95% ingredients of natural origin,

✦ at least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients come from organic farming. 

We are dedicated to respecting the environment. With regards to packaging, we work hand in hand with our suppliers to find innovative ways to limit the amount of materials used and give priority to those that are environmentally ethical. Our Floral Water and Extraordinary Water bottles are made from 100% recycled PET.

* Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard available at http://www.ecocert.com/en/natural-and-organic-cosmetics

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 5: Organic, innovative & effective!

Now there's no need to choose between an effective product and an organic one! We design and develop formulas made with increasingly powerful active ingredients.

Every day, we strive to improve our formulas, to create the organic products of tomorrow. 870 natural raw materials. Over 50 trials, on average, to create a formula 9 patents registered in France in 2017.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 6: Our expertise in nature

Organic plant oils, floral waters and honeys form our most simple skincare products and are also at the heart of our beauty formulations.

Carefully extracted to ensure the integrity and quality of the active ingredients, these pure expressions of nature have a perfect affinity with the skin. The very best ambassadors for Melvita, they work to keep your skin looking naturally beautiful for even longer!

Simply slip our floral waters and beauty oils into your skincare routine.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 7: Pure pleasure for the senses

Textures, fragrances, packaging…Organic products are now just as effective and sensorial as conventional beauty products. Our organic formulas are a feast for the senses!

✦ Irresistible, ultra-sensorial formulas, thanks to the finest raw materials (3 patents registered in France)

✦ Beautiful packaging

✦ 100% natural scents, with no synthetic molecules

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 8: The largest organic beauty range in the world!

Maybe you want to be green and embrace an organic lifestyle?

Maybe you love beautiful textures and want products that deliver results?

Maybe you have sensitive skin, dark spots or fine lines that you want to smooth away?

With its complete skincare range, Melvita has an expert solution to all your needs!

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 9: A bee-loving brand!

Bees have a key role to play in protecting biodiversity. We help to protect them through three philanthropic programs, while also:

✦ helping people to get back into the workplace, with the Réseau Cocagne network,

✦ providing beekeeping training for Moroccan women working in the argan oil industry, with the NGO Man & Nature,

✦ sharing our know-how through the "Le Rucher du Cade" employee association.

Melvita Skin Care Organic Clean Beauty

Reason no. 10: An eco-friendly, people-friendly company

Our products are designed and made by our passionate teams, in Paris and the south of France.

Since 1983, our objective has remained the same: to continue to be a pioneering brand so we can offer the very best organic beauty care!

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